More than 60 Ice Creams are being recalled for safety reasons

More than 60 Ice Creams Recalled due to the Presence of a Pesticide Classified as Carcinogenic

Carrefour, Netto, la Laitière, Extrême … More than 60 ice creams have been recalled due to the presence of a toxic product beyond regulatory standards. In this hot weather, what better way to cool off than ice cream. However, more than 60 of them are subject to a recall because of the presence of a toxic product beyond the […]

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Ricard Pastis risks no being in Supermarkes

Leclerc: Ricard’s Pastis Risks Disappearing from the Shelves of Hypermarkets

The products of the Pernod-Ricard group, including pastis, could disappear from the E.Leclerc hypermarkets because of a commercial dispute. Explanations. After Coca-Cola, Ricard products? In conflict with the Pernod-Ricard group, the E.Leclerc hypermarket group is preparing to withdraw all ranges from the spirits operator, reveals the blog Rayon Boissons . Some thirty references, including pastis Ricard, but also Aberlour and Ballantine’s whiskeys or liqueurs Malibu and Suze , are […]

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LISTEN Share FACEBOOK TWITTER MESSENGER LINKEDIN E-MAIL Search In the midst of the yellow vests crisis, Michel-Edouard Leclerc spoke at the microphone of BFMTV on the issue of wages in France

Yellow Vests: Michel-Edouard Leclerc Believes that “Work Does Not Pay Enough in France”

In the midst of the yellow vests crisis, Michel-Edouard Leclerc spoke at the microphone of BFMTV on the issue of wages in France. Believing that “work does not pay enough in France”, he assured that the vast majority of his employees will receive bonuses The CEO of the group E.Leclerc was the guest, Thursday 10th January, direct Jean-Jacques […]

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The E. Leclerc centers had announced earlier that they were recalling this Reblochon PDO, following "several cases" of "serious" food poisoning by the bacterium E. coli 026

Reblochon Recall at Leclerc: 7 Infected Children, One of Whom is Still Hospitalized

The Leclerc brand had to recall reblochon cheese after the infection of seven children with E. coli bacteria. One of them is hospitalized. The authorities have asked the Leclerc brand to recall reblochon containing the bacterium Escherichia coli, the consumption of which has made seven young children seriously ill, a contamination whose size remains to be […]

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In many Leclerc stores, the shortage of Coca-Cola is felt

Why There is a Shortage of Coca-Cola in Leclerc Stores

Coca-Cola is increasingly rare in Leclerc and some stores are out of stock. In question, a commercial dispute between the two companies. If you want to buy Coca-Cola at your Leclerc store , hurry up! In the next few days, you will probably have to go without your favorite soda. The bottles and cans of the American brand are increasingly rare in […]

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Many stores have admitted to selling contaminated milk after the recall

Salmonella: Carrefour, Système U … Other Stores have Sold Contaminated Lactalis Milk

Despite the return in force of Lactalis batches after contamination with salmonella, other signs (after Leclerc and Auchan) recognize “flaws”. After Leclerc , three other major groups distributions announced Wednesday it has sold tens or even hundreds of boxes Lactalis infant milk that should have been removed from their shelves after salmonella contamination. For its part, Fraud Control reported that it was […]

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Leclerc admits selling contaminated baby milk

Milk Contaminated with Salmonella: Leclerc Admits Having Sold Lactalis Products Despite the Recall

The retailer E. Leclerc admitted selling infant formula affected by the recall of the 21st December, following the salmonella contamination. The first great French retail group, E.Leclerc, acknowledged Tuesday having sold products Lactalis remnants affected by the recall of the 21st December in some of its stores. Despite the application of this recall action following the discovery of contamination salmonella , […]

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At Leclerc in Dordogne, Diesel was in the unleaded petrol pump

Dordogne: Diesel Fuel in the Unleaded Pump, Dozens of Faulty Cars

After Refueling at the Leclerc Station in Périgueux (Dordogne), dozens of motorists broke down between Thursday night and Friday morning At least thirty motorists broke down between Thursday night and Friday morning after a full tank in a Leclerc station of Périgueux (Dordogne), reports France Bleu Perigord Saturday November 4th.  2000 liters of diesel fuel in […]

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Four armed men robbed a Leclerc store in Lassigny in the Oise.

Oise: Customers of Leclerc Exit through the Roof after a Robbery

Four armed men robbed a Leclerc store in Lassigny in Oise on Friday night. They managed to escape with the takings of the day. On Friday night, at 8pm, the E. Leclerc store in Lassigny (Oise) is about to close its doors. This is the moment chosen by four hooded individuals all armed with handguns to burst […]

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