Quimper: Google Honors the Breton Inventor of the Stethoscope

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Google honor Breton doctor and inventor of the stethoscope, René Laennec

Breton doctor born in Quimper (Finistère) and inventor of the stethoscope, is being honoured this Wednesday, February 17 on Google, 235 years after his death.

The home page of Google on Wednesday, February 17, shows the Breton physician René Laennec, inventor of the Stethoscope, among other important medical discoveries.  A breakthrough the Breton doctor was born on 17th February 1781 in Quimper ( Finistère) , and died 45 years later at Kerlouanec.
After obtaining his medical doctorate in 1804, he specialized in lung diseases.  With his creation of the stethoscope, he was able to study and publish the groans, murmurs, sounds, of the body which are listed, classified, and still studied today.

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