Several Actions of Farmers during night in Mayenne

Local News
The farmers block the retail stores with their actions through the night in Mayenne

They had announced actions on Thursday night. The Mayenne farmers have took action last night, spilling tires, manure, … in front of the retail stores

They took everyone by surprise.  Farmers maintain pressure in Mayenne too.  Last night, they mainly targeted retail stores. Spilling here and there tires, manure, wood, straw …. Some protest slogans were also enrolled in paint or on banners.

The list is long: At Fougerolles-du-Plessis in front of Intermarché; in Saint-Pierre-des-Nids (Leader Price); in Evron (Socopa, cheese Bel, Lidl and Aldi), in Meslay-du-Maine (Super U) in Loiron and Pré-en-Pail (Super U). Is it a mere appetizer? For now, we do not know if programmed actions from Thursday night in Mayenne will be maintained.

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