Wearing a mask made compulsory in 69 municipalities of Mayenne.

Mayenne: Wearing a Mask Made Compulsory in 69 Municipalities

From Monday 3rd August 2020, wearing a mask will become compulsory in 69 municipalities in Mayenne. This measure will no longer be limited to the city centre. The prefecture of Mayenne published a decree this Saturday 1st August. It stipulates that the mask will now be compulsory in 69 municipalities of the department of Mayenne from Monday 3rd August […]

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A useful terminal at Evron station (Mayenne).

Electric Cars: A Charging Point at Evron Station

A charging station for electric vehicles, located at the entrance of Evron station (Mayenne), has just been inaugurated. A charging station for electric vehicles, located at the entrance of Evron station (Mayenne), has just been inaugurated The intermunicipal union Territory of Energy Mayenne , chaired by Norbert Bouvet, brings together 42 municipalities of thedepartment and promotes the development of electromobility. A charging station […]

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A tanker carrying over 13,000 litres of milk ended up on its side at Evron

Evron: Tanker Carrying 13 600 litres of Milk, on its Side

The accident occurred on Thursday 23rd February 12.40pm, at the roundabout St. Suzanne, in the centre of Evron. A tanker carrying 13,600 litres of milk was lying on its side. The tanker from the company Bel, was carrying 13,600 litres of milk, ended up lying on its right side. The cause was not explained.  A […]

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A truck hit a house in the village

Châtres-la-Forêt: Truck hit the wall of House

A truck that had just left Evron went into the wall of a house on Monday morning at Châtres-la-Forêt. he truck driver was hospitalized. The accident occurred at 6.45 on Monday morning in the village of Châtres-la-Forêt in the Mayenne department. A truck, which had just left Evron and was heading towards Laval, lost control […]

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Wanted for 15 days now, the former terrorist who was house arrest in the Mayenne was located in Switzerland.

Terrorism: He had fled the Mayenne, the former GIA member arrested in Switzerland

On the run since September 8th when he was under house arrest since December in Mayenne, Merouane Benahmed, was located in Switzerland.  Arrested, he refused his extradition to France. September 8th, Merouane Benahmed not had not submitted its judicial review . A term of international search was then issued against him. Wanted for 15 days […]

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An Ex-terrorist on the run in the Mayenne department of France

Mayenne: Terrorist, Under House Arrest in Evron, Goes on the Run

Imprisoned in 2002 for terrorism in France, released in 2011, Merouane Benahmed had been under house arrest in Evron (Mayenne). The security forces are looking for him. He has fled. Merouane Benahmed, 43 is a former member of the GIA, the Armed Islamic Group.  He fled Algeria in 1999. In France, the former terrorist was […]

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The young driver had to be cut free from the accident in the Mayenne

Mayenne: One injured in a violent accident between Mézangers and Evron

A 23 year old motorist was injured in an accident with a van. He was transported to the hospital Mayenne. This Sunday, April 17, 2016, shortly before 9 am, a particularly violent accident between a car and a van towed by a van, on the road between Mézangers and Evron. Emergency services were quickly on […]

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The farmers block the retail stores with their actions through the night in Mayenne

Several Actions of Farmers during night in Mayenne

They had announced actions on Thursday night. The Mayenne farmers have took action last night, spilling tires, manure, … in front of the retail stores They took everyone by surprise.  Farmers maintain pressure in Mayenne too.  Last night, they mainly targeted retail stores. Spilling here and there tires, manure, wood, straw …. Some protest slogans were also […]

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