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Rennes: Tractors to block the Ring Road

Farmers expect to empty the ring road from 11am …

Rennes will not be as lively as usual today, because the farmers have taken to blocking the ring road, around the Breton Capital this Wednesday which should cause a nice mess.  Early this morning in the freezing cold, the first tractors left Normandy and Brittany to converge on Rennes.

Many gatherings of tractors were reported in neighbouring districts and slowdowns are already being felt on the outskirts of the capital of Brittany.

Demonstrators will then gather at all the ring road entry points to block access to Rennes ring road. Deviations have been implemented on a dozen secondary axes to enable access to the city centre. A hotline (02 99 02 10 80) has also been set up to advise motorists of traffic conditions. the blocking must end at 5pm.

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