Landes: Farmers Block Access to Three Retail Logistic Centres

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Farmers block three retail distribution centres in the Landes department

More than a hundred young farmers organized the blockade of three logistics platforms of Leclerc, Intermarche and Carrefour on Monday, while national negotiations on the price of the products are being …

On Monday, the union Young Farmers (JA) continues to mobilize, while national negotiations with retailers on the product prices are ongoing. “We decided to put the pressure until the end,” said Jeremiah Lapeyre, vice president of CDJA-Landes.  More than a hundred young farmers blocked Monday morning large distribution platforms in three points of the Landes department.


At Mont-de-Marsan in Saint-Paul-lès-Dax, in Labenne, in Landes but also from the Pyrenees-Atlantiques and Gironde neighboring farmers blocked before 8 am with tractors entrances and platforms outputs logistics Leclerc, Intermarche and Carrefour, sometimes filtering trucks to check the contents.

A “small crisis room”

Farmers, imitating the Agricultural Show in Paris, brought in on blockages sites a meager quota of animals (a few sheep, pigs or calves), to symbolize locally a “small crisis room” showing the disarray financial farmers.

Farmers were within three platforms, be received by management to study the local room for maneuver on the supply, development, display their products. But also to warn supermarkets against the temptation to import foreign foie gras, amid bird flu in the Southwest.

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