La Banque Postale Launches Online Payment by Voice Recognition

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La Banque Postale is to introduce voice recognition for payments

The Banque Postale is embarking on voice biometrics for secure payments from its customers over the Internet.

To secure Internet purchases, banks usually send an encrypted code on the mobile phone of their clients. To go further, the bank of the post office, banque postale has decided to innovate by testing voice biometrics. The principle is simple: when you confirm your purchase, your phone rings and you are asked to provide your password. Voice recognition software then certifies your identity and you issue a provisional security code, valid only for the current purchase.

Operating this summer

This remote payment solution by voice recognition “will be launched this summer” , announced this Monday, by La poste in a statement.  Called “Talk to pay”, this device has got the green light from the national Commission on informatics and liberties (CNIL) for launch after three years of research and work.
La Banque Postale is the first in France to obtain the endorsement of the CNIL for such a system.

Reduce fraud

This payment solution must  “reduce the risk of fraudulent use of the card following loss or theft of the support, its security code is disabled and the dynamic cryptogram to be generated after authentication of the legitimate bearer “ . ” Our 600 testers tried the “Talk to Pay” system in the street, at the office, voice bass, screaming, and we could verify that it worked extremely well, explains Aurélien Lachaud, director of development of payment markets to Banque Postale, interviewed by France info.  “The device is resistant to loss of voice, if you have a cold, it is also resistant to environmental noise “.
La Banque Postale which saw its net profit increase of 4.4% in 2015, to 707 million euros, also announced last week will create a new bank 100% online in 2017.

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