Quimper: On 1st December, the Streets will be Illuminated

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On the 1st December the streets of Quimper will be illuminated

Christmas decorations will be lit every day from 7.30am to 9am and from 4pm to 11pm until the 8th January. The city of Quimper maintained the illuminations budget amounting to € 242,000.

Illuminating the streets of Quimper is scheduled for December 1st from 5pm to the 8th January. The time slots each day: 7.30 am to 9 am and 4pm to 11 pm. Weekends and from 24th December to 2nd January, the extinction will take place at 1 am. on the 24th, 25th, 31st December and the 1st January, decorations shine even all day.

A budget of 242,000 €

All decorations are LED. The hourly cost of electricity is lower than € 1.50 for the whole city. The total budget for 2017 is € 242 000, or 2% less than last year. “We wanted to maintain the effort , said Guillaume Menguy, deputy urban planning.We believe in the attractiveness of the city center. The inhabitants of the neighboring towns that have reduced or stopped their lights come in Quimper to admire the decorations and walking. “

The scope of the lights is about the same as last year. It is located in the city center. An innovation: the installation of a shaft Place Saint-Mathieu, at the request of traders. However, applications of the Aristide Briand street could not be met. “The budget is constant, says Guillaume Menguy.If it expands too much, you have to reduce the number of strings in the heart of town. “ This year, the banks of the Odet will be decorated Pissette the bridge deck Firmin. It offers a beautiful view and the connection to the station is provided.

The lights are designed to showcase the heritage as the alignment of the chestnut trees along the Odet or Quimper Cathedral (see lighting) Hot and cold colors are mixed. Fasteners stronger and discrete garlands. In the halls, traders have also decided to put up decorations as luminous ceilings.

Twelve firs

Twelve large fir trees of 9 meters will be installed by the end of November at different points of Quimper. They will stand before Penhars Annexes town halls, and Kerfeunteun Ergué-Armel. But also in the squares of the city center: Place the butter, those of the 118th RI, Terre-au-Duc Toul al-Laer, Locronan, the Styvel, Resistance, railway station and The Cross of the guards. Some will have a string of lights. Two trees near the Max Jacob Theater will be dotted with balls, ribbons and gifts. These are the green spaces that will install these big pines in concrete blocks or studs.

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