Paris: They Create a Panic by throwing Firecrackers on the Subway

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They throw firecrackers on the subway of Paris to create Panic and rob travellers

The group wanted to play on the fear of a terrorist attack to rob travellers on the subway in Paris …

Six people – four women and two men – have launched several firecrackers on Sunday when a train stopped at the station Tuileries on Line 1 on the subway in Paris. The purpose of the operation was to create a panic, so to enable the group to rob travellers.  A method never seen before by the police according to  RTL, which reveals the information.

“Endangering the lives of others”

The two men managed to escape, but the four women of the group were arrested.  An investigation was immediately opened, and charges for “attempting to degradation by dangerous means”, “endangering the lives of others,” and “voluntary violence in a meeting with a weapon in passenger transportation.” are likely to pressed against these woman.

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