Brexit: After the Agreement, What is the Place for Britain in the EU?

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David Cameroon has reached an agreement on reforms for Britain to stay in EU

The precise date of the referendum for the continuing of Britain in the European Union could be announced as early as Saturday morning …

He reached an agreement on the reforms he demanded. David Cameron, after agreeing Friday night with his 27 European counterparts, will try to convince the British to stay in the Union. Compromise in hand, the British Prime Minister will advocate for maintaining the UK in the EU, with the prospect of a referendum could be held from June 23 “I think this is enough to recommend that the UK remains in the EU,” he said Friday, citing “a historic moment” for his country.

No veto on decisions of the euro area

The precise date of the vote he promised three years ago could be announced as early as Saturday morning, after a cabinet meeting in which David Cameron has identified his supporters and opponents. He also faces a strong Eurosceptic current in his own Conservative Party.

The agreement, adopted after a first exchange of views Thursday night and a day of intense negotiations Friday “reinforces the special status of Great Britain in the European Union,” said President of the European Council, Donald Tusk.

But without “exception to the rules,” European, stressed Francois Hollande. And no possibility for the British to oppose any veto the decisions of the euro area they are not members. It was a “red line” not to cross to France, Belgium or Luxembourg.

“It’s a fair compromise, which has not been easy for us on every issue,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, believing that David Cameron’s partners had “not made too many concessions.” The head of Matteo Renzi Italian Government merely a wistful comment, deeming it necessary to talk about the future of Europe and not only to take the place that the British “because there is a risk we lose sight of the original European dream “.

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