Theresa May is ready to leave the negotiating table on the Brexit without obtaining agreement with the European Union.

Britain ready to Brexit without Agreement, says Theresa May

Theresa May reiterated on Monday that it was ready to leave the negotiating table on the Brexit without obtaining agreement with the European Union and called on voters to support the government against “aggression” exhibited, according to her, the Europeans towards Britain. “We will be there to negotiate the deal that suits but, as I […]

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The sadness of the artists and politicians after the attack in Manchester

Attack in Manchester: The “Sadness” of Artists and Politicians

UNITED KINGDOM: The UK authorities emphasize the terrorist track … The horror that hit in England. At least 22 people were killed and sixty injured on Monday night in Manchester, following an explosion that authorities consider a “terrorist” action, occurred at the end of a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. In Britain and abroad, reactions have multiplied from politicians and […]

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What is known of the terrorist attack in Manchester

Attack in Manchester: What is known of the Terrorist Attack that Left at Least 22 Dead?

GREAT BRITAIN: One or more explosions reportedly occurred at the end of a concert Ariana Grande … Tragedy of Terrorist attack in Manchester . British police considers it “until proven guilty of a terrorist incident”, which  left at least 22 dead and sixty injured on Monday night at the Manchester Arena concert venue, where there was a concert by the American singer […]

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With the Brexit negotiations to start, Lloyds of London has said that it will open a branch in Brussels

Brexit: Lloyd’s of London will Open a Branch in Brussels

The famous Lloyd’s of London insurance market said on Thursday it would open an office in Brussels to maintain unhindered access to the mainland facing the uncertainties raised by the Brexit. “In light of the decision of the UK to leave the European Union, a branch will be opened in Brussels” , the company said […]

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House of Lords inflict another blow to Theresa May over Brexit

Brexit: Lords Inflict Another Blow to Theresa May

The House of Lords approved Tuesday, March 7th a second amendment to the bill on enabling Brexit for allowing the parliament to vote on the final agreement with the European Union. It hopes that parliamentarians have in the outcome of these discussions to come, the last word on the final agreement and all future trade […]

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Members of the House of Commons approved the text for brexit by 494 votes against 122

British MPs allow Theresa May to Trigger Brexit

Theresa May can now begin the process. British MPs on Wednesday passed the first reading of the bill, by the Conservative government giving the Prime Minister the power to trigger Brexit. Members of the House of Commons approved the text by 494 votes against 122. The bill, submitted to Parliament after the government has been […]

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The Scottish Parliament voted against the "Brexit" project output of the European Union presented by the British government.

The Scottish Parliament Vote Symbolically against Brexit

The Scottish Parliament voted largely on Tuesday against the output from the European Union project supported by the British government. Very Europhile, the Scots were largely opposed to Brexit in the referendum of 23 June by voting 62% in favor of keeping within the European Union. On Tuesday, MPs expressed their disagreement with the EU […]

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Jamie Oliver is to close some restaurants because of Brexit

Because of Brexit, Jamie Oliver will Close Restaurants

The famous British chef Jamie Oliver has announced the closure of several restaurants in his Jamie’s Italian chain in the UK, blaming Brexit which increased the price of the ingredients used to concoct his Italian dishes. Six institutions are concerned, including that of Aberdeen in Scotland and of Ludgate Hill, near St Paul’s Cathedral in […]

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Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss trad with Donald Trump after Brexit

USA: Theresa May will meet Donald Trump to outline the post-Brexit relationships

DIPLOMACY: The two leaders will notably discuss their future trade links after Brexit … It will be the first foreign leader to be received by the US president. The Prime Minister Theresa May will meet this Friday Donald Trump to discuss the outlines of the future trade relationship between the two countries after Brexit. London […]

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