David Cameron announces date of referendum for UK membership to the European Union

Brexit: The Referendum on Membership of the United Kingdom to the EU on June 23

The British leader reiterated that the UK will be “stronger, safer and more prosperous within a reformed European Union” … British Prime Minister David Cameron has launched today, Saturday the battle to persuade the British to vote in favour of staying in the EU, announcing the holding of a referendum on the 23rd June. In the […]

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David Cameroon has reached an agreement on reforms for Britain to stay in EU

Brexit: After the Agreement, What is the Place for Britain in the EU?

The precise date of the referendum for the continuing of Britain in the European Union could be announced as early as Saturday morning … He reached an agreement on the reforms he demanded. David Cameron, after agreeing Friday night with his 27 European counterparts, will try to convince the British to stay in the Union. Compromise […]

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David Cameron has reached an agreement for the reforms that Britain demanded

Brexit: What got David Cameron in the Agreement with the EU?

The claims of the British Prime Minister and the terms of the agreement … The 28 EU leaders were granted on Friday a compromise “renewing the pact” the UK with Europe . An agreement that Prime Minister David Cameron considers sufficient to recommend the maintenance of his country in the European Union at the next […]

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