Rennes: The police car Struck an embankment, Four Injured

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Four police injured in Rennes as car hit an embankment

Four police officers were injured in an accident on Tuesday at 9pm, in Rennes. They came to arrest a person who was in a drunken state.

Four police officers were injured in an accident on Tuesday night, at Henri Le Guilloux-street in the neighbourhood Villejean at Rennes.  The police car was returning from CHU Pontchaillou when the accident occurred.

A drunk person on board

The police had on board a person who had earlier been arrested for being drunk in the street, which had just been examined by a doctor at the hospital.

On return to the police station, the strong alcoholic and excited person became agreesive on board the police vehicle. The car hit an embankment before stopping, about thirty metres away.

Loss of control

“According to preliminary, it seems that the aggressive behaviour of the drunken individual is at the origin of the vehicle losing control,” said a police officer present on site.

The four police officers slightly injured, were taken to hospital. Two of them complained of pain in the neck. The person intoxicated was taken to the police station by a second patrol.

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