Tolls: After the rate freeze in 2015, a rise in 2016?

Tolls on the motorways are set to increase next year.

Motorways: According to “Les Echos”, Tolls are set to increase well above the inflation, should be decided by 1 February 2016 …

Nothing has been officially recorded, but the users of the Toll roads in france are likely to pay more next year. According to Les Echos, the rates of tolls, after the 2015 freeze, are expected to increase by just over 1% on 1 February 2016, while the inflation rates, on which they are indexed in 2015 was just 0.06%. Les Echos, which reveal that this tariff increase was introduced by state services to motorway users’ committee Last Friday, however, ensures that nothing is set in stone.

A logical increase

However, according to the business daily, the increase seems logical. If the automatic increase due to inflation should be only 0.04%, concessionaire companies will actually affect users upwards of 50% of the State fee, the levy they pay to the state, decided in 2012. “After months of legal battle, the companies concerned had obtained in compensation in 2013 up 1.5% of the tolls, to be phased in from 2015 to 2017”, remind Les Echos.

Last April, dealers and state companies were – easily – reached agreement. This actual rate freeze for 2015,  was “good news for 2015, but it stops there. Indeed, the agreement signed on Thursday provides that the shortfall for 2015 will gradually caught up over the next eight years. Slow but sure. Clearly, the rise is smoothed but it will be felt in the wallets of motorists. “And according to Les Echos, coming soon.

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