Manuel Valls Expects Growth Above 1% in 2015

Manuel Valls expects growth
Manuel Valls expects growth
Prime Minister Manuel Valls at the Elysee Palace, July 22, 2015 – Alain JOCARD POOL

The Prime Minister believes that the GDP growth in 2016 will boost …

The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls said earlier today, Friday in Avignon that France should “exceed” 1% growth in 2015, saying that “the hypothesis of the government of a 1% growth for 2015 annual average is more than ever strengthened. “GDP growth was zero in the second quarter 2015 according to figures released Friday by INSEE .

The growth “should exceed” 1%

“I note that growth throughout the first half of 2015 (…) is 0.7%,” said the Prime Minister. “We should really (…) exceed this figure (1%) and finish 2015 at an annual rate of 1.5%,” said Manuel Valls. “It’s probably at this level that one can reduce unemployment,” he added.

The Prime Minister wanted to show confidence. “I see many positive and interesting signals: strong exports to 3% in the first half on aggregate, investment companies who leaves. (…) It is the sign of most competitive companies that look to the future with confidence and invest, “he said.

The head of government was then welcomed “the impact of the Covenant of responsibility and solidarity, the impact of CICE, in short lower expenses and taxes for firms” which played a role “in this recovery of investment. ”

Employment recovery

Finally, “employment increased again in the second quarter of 27,000 people, and good figure, encouraging, confirming the dynamics in recent quarters,” said Manuel Valls.

“These figures encourage us to stay the course and continue our efforts to boost the recovery of growth and create more jobs,” he stressed. “This will be the direction of the second law being prepared by Emmanuel Macron (…) and this is the meaning of the reforms that must also cover the labor market,” he announced.

The Prime Minister then called for a tax cut for households, “not in a year but immediately.”

The bad thing is the picture painted by Manuel Valls, the figure for production in construction, which “remain poor” even though the figures on building permits are “very good”. The pace of growth “I do not doubt for a moment, will intensify during 2016,” concluded the head of government.

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