Road safety: the number of road deaths is stable in June 2019

Road safety: The Number of Road Deaths is Stable in June 2019

According to road safety figures, 290 people died on the roads in June 2019, as much as in June 2018. But mortality is increasing in Overseas territories of France. The number of road deaths in mainland France remained stable in June 2019. According to preliminary estimates of the National Interministerial Observatory of Road Safety (ONISR) published Tuesday 9th July, 2019, 290 […]

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Road deaths increased by 17.1% in February 2019

Road safety: A Sharp Rise in the Number of Road Deaths in February 2019

Road Safety has released its latest figures for February 2019, with 253 road deaths, an increase of 17.1%. The number of road deaths on the roads of France has jumped, according to figures published by Road Safety with 253 people having died on the roads in February 2019, against 216 in February 2018, an increase of 17.1% […]

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The link between damaged speed radars and road deaths

Yellow Vests: Castaner Makes ‘Link’ Between Damaged Speed Radars and Rising Road Deaths

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has revised upwards, Friday 1st March, the number of targets of speed radars since last November and the beginning of the movement of yellow vests. And is the link with the rise in mortality in January. Christophe Castaner was the guest of the interview of the “4 truths”, this Friday, in Télématin , on […]

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For road safety, speed on some roads will be reduced to 80km/h

Road Safety: Speed to be Lowered 80 km/h on National Routes?

To improve road safety, the speed should be reduced to 80 km/h on national roads and roads with two lanes with no centre divider. This is information from Le Point that the government will confirm in 2018 the passage of roads without physical separation at 80 km / h. This lowered limit of 10 km/h will be confined solely […]

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There were 3,477 people killed on the roads in 2016, 16 more than in 2015, according to the final report published Monday by the Road Safety

Road Deaths: 16 More Deaths in 2016 than in 2015, an Increase of 0.5%

There were 3,477 people killed on the roads in 2016, 16 more than in 2015, according to the final report published on Monday by Road Safety, which nevertheless evokes a “near stabilization”, last year having counted two days more than the previous. Mortality increased 0.5% over 2015, making 2016 the third consecutive year of increase […]

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New road safety figures for france has seen a drop of Road deaths in October

Road safety: The Number of Road Deaths Fell by 16.4% in October

Road Safety: This is 62 fewer deaths compared to October 2015 … Good news on the road safety on the French roads?  The number of deaths on French roads fell by 16.4% in October, with 316 people killed, announced this Thursday by  the National Interministerial Road Safety Office . This is 62 people less than […]

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The government expects a 25 percent increase in revenue from speed cameras in 2017

Speed Cameras: The Government Expects 25% More Revenue in 2017

ROAD SAFETY: The revenues from the automated speed cameras on the roads of France could go from 672 to 844 million euros … Is a story that goes along with the last digit of road safety, with an increase of 30.4% of road deaths in September . The government expects a 25% increase in flat revenues […]

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Road deaths in France are down in August announced the Interior Minister

Road safety: The Number of Road Deaths down 9% in August

ACCIDENTS:  “30 lives have been saved” from August 2015, said the Minister of Interior, announcing a fall in road deaths in France… Good news on the front of road safety . The number of deaths on the roads of France was down 9% in August, with 302 people killed, 30 less than in August 2015. […]

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The Prefect of the Loire-Atlantique is having a crackdown on Road safety

Loire-Atlantique: The Prefecture Announced Tighter Controls on the Roads

The poor figures for accidents during the school holidays force the prefect to take action … The year 2015 was black on road safety in Loire-Atlantique. No less than 83 people had died on the roads of the department, an increase of 30% in one year. But the accident figures since 1 January are not very encouraging: […]

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