Record June Temperatures in Nantes

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record Temperatures in Nantes for June
record Temperatures in Nantes for June
All means are good to cool off in Nantes … | Franck Dubray

37.1 ° C in Nantes: a new record in June…

A new heat record was set for June on Tuesday in Nantes at  17 h 34,  when a France Weather station at the airport recorded 37.1 ° C.  Not since June 30th, 1952 do we find a temperature approaching these levels, with 36.8 ° C.

The thermometer has exceeded its normal levels on Tuesday, around the department.

Other high temperatures were recorded around the department Ailleurs in the department, the thermometer is not outdone: 37.2 ° C in Saint-Joachim, in Brière; 37.1 ° C to Saint-Même-le-Tenu near Machecoul.  It was “only” 35.9 ° C at Montoir-de-Bretagne or 33.5 ° C at Guérande.  The temperatures are going to be slighly lowered on Wednesday, particularly on the coast where they are predicting even mist and small clouds arriving from the sea .

But the thermometer will rise fast and high on Thursday and Friday.

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