Russia has developed the "first" coronavirus vaccine, announces Vladimir Putin

Coronavirus: Russia has Developed the “First” Vaccine, Announces Vladimir Putin

EPIDEMIC: The Russian president, Vladimir Putin announced that his own daughter had received a dose of this coronavirus vaccine Russia has developed the “first” vaccine against coronavirus, said Tuesday Vladimir Putin at a conference video with members of the government televised. The Russian president even announced that his daughter had been inoculated with this vaccine. “This morning, for the first […]

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Vladimir Putin will be in power until 2032

Russia: Vladimir Putin Allowed to Stay in Power until 2036

KREMLIN: Russian President, Vladimir Putin easily won opposition-denounced constitutional referendum that would allow him to stay in the Kremlin until the age of 84 Vladimir Putin won the constitutional referendum by a large margin in order to run for two new terms. The revision also introduces into the Constitution conservative principles dear to the president. […]

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French President Emmanuel Macron greets his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at Fort Brégançon on 19 August 2019 near Bormes-les-Mimosas.

Tense Exchanges Between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron on Yellow Vests

The Russian president was received by his French counterpart at Fort de Brégançon on Monday 19th August 2019. Despite some disagreements, they showed a desire for rapprochement. Emmanuel Macron received Vladimir Putin Monday 19th August 2019 in the summer residence of the French presidents. The two men showed an apparent cordiality and a will of rapprochement between […]

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Emmanuel Macron receives Vladimir Putin before the G7 summit

Emmanuel Macron receives Vladimir Putin before the G7 Summit

The master of the Kremlin is expected at Fort Brégançon by the French president. Libya, Iran, Syria and Ukraine will be the main crises on the agenda of this meeting. Emmanuel Macron receives Monday 19th August 2019 Russian President Vladimir Putin in the south of France to sweep the major diplomatic issues ahead of the G7 summit next weekend. “Necessary” […]

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The matches for Friday 15 June in the World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018: Russia Starts on a Win, The Program of Friday

This Thursday, the World Cup opened in Russia with the opening match largely won by the host country, 5-0 against Saudi Arabia. Russia could not have dreamed better: a 5-0 demonstration , against Saudi Arabia next to its crampons, in the opening match of “his” Mondial 2018 , Thursday in Moscow, under the eyes of Vladimir Putin, anxious to […]

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Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Poutine at Versailles.

Syria, Terrorism, Ukraine: what Macron and Putin have Said

This is the first meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin, in Versailles. The French president spoke of exchanges “extremely frank and direct.” At a painting of an uplifting portrait of Czar Peter the Great, citing St. Petersburg, citing Russian writers and the creation of a Franco-Russian forum of civil society, paying tribute to the struggle […]

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Francois Hollande and world leaders pay tribute to Fidel Castro

Hollande, Putin, Maduro … The world leaders pay tribute to Fidel Castro

TRIBUTE: The father of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro died Friday night in Havana at the age of 90 years, announced his brother Raul, who succeeded him in power in 2006 … Since the reactions to his death multiply … Francois Hollande greets a figure of the twentieth century. Fidel Castro has “embodied the Cuban […]

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Vladimir Putin in France on 19th October to meet with Francois Holande

Syria: Putin in France on 19 October to meet Hollande

DIPLOMACY: The two leaders are to discuss the crisis in Syria, and also the situation in Ukraine … His last visit in France dates back to almost a year.  Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit France on the 19th October for talks with his French counterpart, Francois Hollande, the conflict in Syria and the Ukrainian crisis, […]

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Francois Hollande hopes to initiate a meaningful cease-fire between Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine: Escalating Risks are high, estimated Hollande

The risks of escalation are high in Ukraine, said Francois Hollande on Tuesday, who says work with Merkel to the resumption of dialogue between Kiev and Moscow. “This summer, the situation has sharply worsened. The risks of escalation are high “ , said the French president during a speech at the conference of ambassadors in […]

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