Ukraine: Escalating Risks are high, estimated Hollande

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Francois Hollande hopes to initiate a meaningful cease-fire between Ukraine and Russia.

The risks of escalation are high in Ukraine, said Francois Hollande on Tuesday, who says work with Merkel to the resumption of dialogue between Kiev and Moscow.

“This summer, the situation has sharply worsened. The risks of escalation are high “ , said the French president during a speech at the conference of ambassadors in Paris.

He said the German chancellor and himself  had established contacts “throughout the month of August” with  Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Russian President  Vladimir Putin “to encourage the resumption of dialogue. “

“We set two goals for the end of the year: the first, security, with the gradual demilitarization and the establishment of an effective cease-fire, controlled, verified by the OSCE. The second objective is the holding of elections in the East in compliance with Ukrainian laws and international norms. One does not go without the other “ , he added.

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