In Le Mans, Night work on the trams until the 24th August

At Le Mans, Night Work on T1 and T2 Tram Lines until 24th August

At Le Mans, Setram takes advantage of the summer to work on its 2 tram lines. Traffic is interrupted in the evenings, on weekdays, but relay buses are available “A tramway calls for preventive maintenance” At  Setram , Le Mans (Sarthe), we prefer to play the card of preventive work rather than curative, as explained by Michelle Karam, communication officer. “A tramway requires preventive maintenance to ensure the […]

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A Fifty year old died in Nantes after being hit by a tram

Nantes: A Fifty Year Dies after being Struck by Tram

A 54 year old man fell mortally between the platform and the tram at the stop Bourgeonnière in Nantes. He would have lost his balance. Police appeal to witnesses. The precise circumstances of this tragic accident that claimed the life of a man, 54, has yet to be established. But last night, the first scenario is already outlined. […]

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Windows damaged on a tram in Brest after being hit by stones

Brest: A Tram hit by Stones on Tuesday night in Pontanezen

The circulation of the tram was stopped Tuesday night in Brest, after a tram was stoned. The windows are damaged. At just after 8pm on Tuesday night, when the tram running between the stations Europe and Pontanezen was the victim of stone throwing. Several windows are broken. The circulation of the tram was immediately suspended from […]

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There will be disruptions to the transport services in Nantes today due to strike action

Nantes: Very Large Transportation Disruptions Thursday

Reinflate the tires on your bike or do you buy good shoes. Due to a national strike to protest against the new proposed Labour Bill, public transport in Nantes will be severely disrupted on Thursday. First, according to Semitan, one third of the operating crew will be on strike.  Consequently, the service will be provided (though it […]

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