Nantes: A Fifty Year Dies after being Struck by Tram

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A Fifty year old died in Nantes after being hit by a tram

A 54 year old man fell mortally between the platform and the tram at the stop Bourgeonnière in Nantes. He would have lost his balance. Police appeal to witnesses.

The precise circumstances of this tragic accident that claimed the life of a man, 54, has yet to be established. But last night, the first scenario is already outlined.

Around noon, at the Bourgeonnière station, the man was with a friend, aged 63.  Upon arrival of the tram, which circulates in the direction Orvault-Grand Val, the friend tried to board the train, but the doors close on her hand. The driver starts as her hand is stuck in the door.

The man then tried to cling to his friend by reflex? It would, according to the first elements, pushed unintentionally, which would have destabilized. The victim then fell between the platform and the tram. Passengers present in the train have screamed, scared. The driver stopped immediately. Firefighters were called. They tried everything to try to revive him. In vain. Twenty minutes later, the death of the victim was pronounced.

Last fatal accident in 2013

His friend was first transported to University Hospital for examination, before being taken to the police station. Under the influence of alcohol, she was placed in the drunk tank before being heard. It was to be interviewed then under custody, time to exploit the video surveillance images to clarify the circumstances of the accident. Several cameras are expected to bring elements to the accident investigators of the Brigade.

The driver was interviewed by police. He was being supported psychologically, as is the procedure.

Traffic was disrupted on trams in the sector for part of the day. Line 2 was cut between Central School and Santos-Dumont. The bus line 86 has been diverted. The traffic resumed from 3.30pm.

Fatal accidents involving pedestrians and trams are rare in the city. The last one was in 2013. That year, two dramas had hit the city. In April 2013, a little 3 year old boy lost his life. He fell between the tram and the platform at the René-Cassin stop. And in September of that year, at dawn, it’s a law student of 19 who had been hit by a tram, at the same Bourgeonnière stop. He had crossed the road as the tram was exiting and had not seen another streetcar came across. He too died.

Call for witnesses. Police appeal to witnesses. Anyone who directly witnessed the accident is asked to contact the service crashes Nantes Police Station. Tel: or

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