Nantes: Disturbances on the Bus and Tram Lines

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Disturbances on the bus and tram lines in Nantes due to Labour law protests

In Nantes, the tram and bus lines are cut this morning from 9 am, because of a demonstration against the labour law

Disruptions in public transport are expected today from 9am till 2.30pm, because of the demonstration against the labour law. As always, as a safety precaution, trams and buses are restricted from the City centre.  At each of the stations affected, staff from Semitan will be present to inform passengers and assist them in their travel “.

lines impacted by this action from 9am till 2.30pm are :

  • Line 1 Tramway, cut between Media and Bouffay;
  • Line 2 Tramway, cut between Gare de Pont Rousseau and 50 Otages;
  • Line 3, cut between Britain and Hotel Dieu;
  • Line 4 busway: Cité des Congrès terminus;
  • Line C1, cut between Copernicus and Foch;
  • LineC2  terminus at Talensac;
  • Line C3, cut between Copernicus and SNCF South Station;
  • Line C6, cut between Delorme and Foch;
  • Line 11, cut between Copernicus and Foch;
  • Line 12, cut between Talensac and Foch;
  • Line 23, cut between Copernicus and Talensac;
  • Line 26, cut between Gaston Veil and Delorme;
  • Line 54, terminus to Delorme. for the airport shuttle, in southern terminus station.

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