Facebook does not load for some users, March 13, 2019

Facebook and Instagram Offline for Some Users

WEB: Facebook is conducting the investigation to determine the origin of the problem If Facebook and Instagram do not load at home, you are not alone. “We are aware that some people have trouble accessing apps from the Facebook family. We are working to solve this problem as soon as possible, “said the company late morning in California […]

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Fall of the Chinese space station Tiangong-1

Chinese Space Station Falls Slower than Expected and Arrives on Earth

Tiangong-1, the Chinese space station is currently falling to Earth. At the moment of its disintegration into the atmosphere, it could look like a meteor shower. The Chinese space station, which is currently falling towards Earth, is progressing slower than initially expected, and could enter the Earth’s atmosphere only on Monday 2nd April, the European Space Agency (ESA) said Saturday. […]

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