Facebook and Instagram Offline for Some Users

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Facebook does not load for some users, March 13, 2019

WEB: Facebook is conducting the investigation to determine the origin of the problem

If Facebook and Instagram do not load at home, you are not alone. “We are aware that some people have trouble accessing apps from the Facebook family. We are working to solve this problem as soon as possible, “said the company late morning in California (just before 7pm Paris time).

This failure seems to affect several countries, including France and the United States. For some users, Facebook profiles load well, but not the newsfeed. Ditto for Instagram, with an impossible refresh. Some Internet users have reported problems with Messenger, others with WhatsApp in South America, which seems to indicate a general problem on Facebook servers.

The company said at 8pm that this failure was not related to a denial of service attack (DDoS, when servers are overwhelmed by connection requests).

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