Emmanuel Macron popularity has fallen once again in August

Popularity: Macron has Still Lost 14 Points in August

SURVEY: He had already dropped 10 points in July … The popularity rating of Emmanuel Macron recorded a sharp decline in August again, with 40% of people satisfied, a drop of 14 points in a month after the 10 points already in July, according to an Ifop poll for Journal du Dimanche . Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also records a reflux nine points […]

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Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe popularity has dropped

Sharp Drop in Popularity for Macron and Philippe

SURVEY: The President loses ten points in a month, and his Prime minister, eight points … The popularity rating of Emmanuel Macron has fallen sharply in July, with 54% satisfied, ten points less than in June, according to an Ifop poll for the Journal du Dimanche . Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also records a drop of eight points over the same period from 64% […]

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64 percent of the French are satisfied with Emmanuel Macron

64% of French Satisfied with Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe

SURVEY: The scores of the President and his Prime Minister are the same … Seven weeks after the Presidential election in France, Emmanuel Macron is still riding high. Sixty-four percent of the French are satisfied with the new head of state (+ 2% compared to May 2017) and Edouard Philippe, the Prime Minister (+ 9%), according to an Ifop poll for the Journal […]

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In a survey, 62 percent are satisfied with Emmanuel Macron

Survey: 62% of French satisfied with Macron, 55% with Philippe

The popularity of the new president Emmanuel Macron reached 62%, and his Prime Minister Édouard Philippe 55%, according to an Ifop poll published Sunday in the JDD. To the question “Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with Emmanuel Macron as president? “, 12% answered “very satisfied” and 50% “somewhat satisfied” and 62% of total “satisfied” . Conversely, 20% said they were “somewhat dissatisfied” and 11% “very dissatisfied” , totaling […]

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Latest polls put Emmanuel Macron to win Presidential Election against Marine le Pen

Survey: Macron out ahead of Le Pen with at Least 60% of Votes

According to an Ifop-Fiducial poll, Emmanuel Macron would win the presidential election with 60% of the vote to Le Pen (40%). According to another Elabe survey Macron beat Le Pen with 64% against 36% Emmanuel Macron would be elected the next President of France on the 7th May with 60% of the vote against Marine […]

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Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron happen in the first round of presidential elections.

Presidential Survey: The gap between Le Pen and Macron Reduces

According to a survey released Tuesday, Marine Le Pen continues to lead in voting intentions for the first round of presidential elections. But it is closely followed by Emmanuel Macron, one point behind. Marine Le Pen is ahead of Emmanuel by just a point, with 26% against 25% in voting intentions in the first round […]

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43 percent of French support the decriminalization of Cannabis

43% of French Would Support the Decrimalization of Cannabis

More than four in ten French (43%) favor the decriminalization of cannabis in France, according to a Ifop poll for Atlantico. This figure is up from the month of April 2016 where 41% of French supported this proposal. In 2012, there were only 30% and 26% in 1996, the first year of this study, conducted […]

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Eight of ten french people approve of the decision of Francois Hollande not to stand in the Presidential election in 2017

Hollande Gives Up: Eight out of ten French Approve of his Decision

SURVEY: Francois Hollande has ended the suspense on Thursday night, giving up a second term in 2017, an unprecedented announcement in the history of the Fifth Republic … According to a Harris Interactive poll for RMC published on Friday, eight out of ten French approve the decision of François Hollande not to seek a second […]

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Only 4 percent of the French are satisfied with President Francois Hollande

Only 4% of French satisfied with Francois Hollande

Francois Hollande has reached a new record of unpopularity to 96% according to the latest Ipsos-Sopra and Steria Centre for Political Research at Sciences Po (Cevipof). Only 4% of French people  are satisfied with the work of Francois Hollande as President, according to an Ipsos-Sopra Steria and the Centre for Political Research at Sciences Po (Cevipof) released […]

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In a new survey published, 69 percent of French have no confidence in Vaccines

Vaccines: Only 69% of French have Confidence

Vaccines are the subject of a record skepticism on the part of the French, whose distrust also increases for most classes of drugs, and to health professionals, according to an annual study released Monday. The recent health scandals have made the French wary of vaccines . Only 69% of respondents trust them (-2 points compared […]

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