The Strike at the SNCF is “Not Justified” for 54% of French

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54 percent of the French think the strike at the SNCF is not justified

According to a poll published Sunday, 54% of French people find that the strike at the SNCF is “not justified”. Details.

More than one in two French people (54%) think that the strike launched at the SNCF to protest against the reform of the railway is “not justified”, according to an Ifop survey for Le Journal du Dimanche .

This percentage is down 4 points compared to a similar survey conducted a month ago, 58% of the French having considered such a strike unjustified.

On the other hand, 46% of those surveyed now consider this social movement “justified”, compared with 42% a month ago, an increase of 4 points.

Go to the end of the reform?

However, 61% of French people want the government to go “to the end of the reform of the SNCF as it was announced, without yielding to the mobilisations and strikes”, whereas they were only 51% to issue such wish a month ago.

This survey was conducted online from April 12th to 13th in a representative sample of 956 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over according to the quota method.

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