Survey: The French are Divided on the Reform of the Labor Code

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Edouard Philippe and Muriel Pénicaud at the press conference on the reform of the Labor Code

According to a survey Odoxa for France info and Le Figaro, a small majority of French was favorable to the principle of reform of the Labor Code.

According to a survey Odoxa for France info and Le Figaro, a small majority of French was favorable to the principle of reform of the Labor Code. This survey was conducted before the contents of the orders is known. Another Harris Interactive poll for RMC and Atlantic, released on Friday, gives another perspective: a strong majority (58%) of French unfavorable for reforming the labor law, which were presented Thursday.

The reform of the Labor Code is on, but opinions are divided. According to a Harris Interactive poll for RMC and Atlantico  published on Friday, 58% of French say they are opposed to the orders of the Labor Code presented Thursday against 42% who support it.

Voters of Emmanuel Macron in the presidential elections are however largely favorable (82% against 18%).

For an even larger majority of respondents (71% against 29%), the reform will “reduce the power of unions in companies” . For 54% (against 46%), it will “deteriorate” the employees’ working conditions.

Just 43% (against 57%) believe it will “improve the competitiveness of enterprises” , 36% (against 64%) that it will “enhance growth” and 31% that it will “reduce the unemployment “ .

This survey was conducted online on August 31 with a sample of 1,004 people representative of French people aged 18 and older (quota method).

Another survey said that two French people supported the reform

A Odoxa poll, conducted on 30 and 31 August, France info and Le Figaro, performed before the content of the proposed charges were known, gave a different view. According to the survey, a majority of French, 52% to be exact, supports the principle of reforming the Labor Code. Even more surprising, the survey tested five of the measures proposed by the reform bill presented by the government on Thursday. And on these five proposals, four collecting the approval of public opinion.

The measure that collected the most positive opinions is the enlargement project of CDI to other sectors than construction. This measure is however very criticized by the leftist opposition, notably France rebellious, accused of signing the death CDI stop. A draft CDI is  a contract under which the employee is hired for a specific project. And the end of this project, which can occur within six months, two years, five years, is grounds for dismissal for personal reasons.This opens entitled to compensation.

71% of respondents supported the measure, 28% were against it (the remaining percentage preferring not to comment).

The draft government bill also seeks to reform the social dialogue within the company. Two reforms were collecting the favors of respondents in the first survey: the opportunity for small businesses to enter into a business agreement with a staff representative outside the unions and the possibility of organizing a corporate referendum on the initiative of The direction. 69% of respondents are in favor of these two provisions, 31% opposed.

The establishment of the reversal of standards, which gives more importance to the union agreements in the company (or branch) as agreements made with unions at the national level were also rather popular with the French who participated survey. These are 61% of them were in favor of this measure, 38% were opposed.

Capping industrial tribunal allowances

A measure did not go according to the survey Odoxa: capping industrial tribunal allowances that are granted to an employee for dismissal tried without real and serious cause. This time, 57% of people said they were opposed to this measure. Only 42% favorable.

Furthermore, 60% of French people felt that the government does not stop at union pressure. As for Emmanuel Macron, had created controversy by declaring during his trip “the French hate the reforms”, respondents share their opinion to 62%.

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