No fireworks this year at Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis).

Riots: This City Cancels its 14th July and its Summer Beach to Reimburse the Damage

The town hall of Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis) wants to save money to be able to rebuild the infrastructure damaged during the riots. A decision that is not unanimous. The municipality of Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis) has taken a radical decision. In order to recover funds for the reconstruction of its city after the recent riots, the municipality has decided to […]

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Mylène Farmer's concerts at the Stade de France are cancelled

Death of Nahel: Mylène Farmer’s Concerts at the Stade de France are Cancelled

« NEVERMORE ? »: The prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis has announced that the cancellation of Mylène Farmer’s shows at the Stade de France, this Friday and this Saturday, must “allow the police to deploy elsewhere in order to deal with the riots” “Everything is chaos, next door…” Nevermore, Mylène Farmer‘s tour , was to stop this Friday and […]

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Police officers who intervened quickly failed to enter the burning house in Seine-Saint-Denis

Seine-Saint-Denis: A 94-year-old Woman Dies in the Fire of her House

DEATH: Police officers who intervened quickly failed to enter the burning house in Seine-Saint-Denis The fire in a house in Livry-Gargan ( Seine-Saint-Denis ) claimed the life of a 94-year-old woman overnight from Sunday to Monday. The circumstances of the accident were not immediately specified. The departmental service of the judicial police of Seine-Saint-Denis (SDPJ 93) was in […]

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Macron proposes a schem to allow people to lease an electric car for 100 euros per month

Electric Car: Macron is Considering Leasing at a Maximum of 100 Euros per Month

MOBILITY: The scheme would come in addition to the conversion bonus and the ecological bonus enabling more people to have access to an electric car During his first major campaign speech this Thursday in Seine-Saint-Denis, candidate Macron proposed the establishment of leasing aid for electric cars. Details of the measure were given over the weekend, reports BFMTV. This system […]

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The 12th international athletics meeting in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) is cancelled.

Coronavirus: Cancellation of the Montreuil International Athletics Meeting

Faced with the Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis, the organization of the Montreuil International Athletics Meeting (Seine-Saint-Denis) is obliged to cancel the 2020 edition. Faced with the exceptional health situation implicated by the Coronavirus Covid-19 health crisis, the organization of the International Athletics Meeting in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) is obliged to cancel the 2020 edition which was to be held on Wednesday 1st July […]

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The 17-year-old was wanted since January, he was arrested by the municipal police of Coubron in Seine-Saint-Denis. (© Photo Le Républicain)

Seine-Saint-Denis: 17-Year-Old Boy on the Run for 4 Months Arrested by Municipal Police

Tuesday 21st April 2020, during a check the municipal police of Coubron (Seine-Saint-Denis) arrested a young man of 17 years. He had been wanted for 4 months for several offences A young man “very wanted” was arrested on Tuesday 21st April 2020, in Coubron, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Implicated in more than twenty cases (burglaries, thefts, drug trafficking, rape, etc.), he had […]

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A factory to make masks will be built in Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis) before the end of the month.

Coronavirus: Construction of a Factory in Ile-de-France to Manufacture 500,000 Masks per Day

A factory will be built in Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis) to make masks for Ile-de-France. This factory will be built in a few days. It is a promise: to build a factory in record time to manufacture surgical masks. This is indeed the promise of Hsueh Sheng Wang, head of the Eurasia real estate group, an investor in Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis). It […]

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Emmanuel Macron will travel to Seine-Saint-Denis on Tuesday April 7, 2020. This is his second visit to the department since the start of the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic

Coronavirus: Emmanuel Macron Visiting Seine-Saint-Denis this Tuesday

Emmanuel Macron will travel to Seine-Saint-Denis on Tuesday 7th April 2020. This is his second visit to the department since the start of the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic. he department has been particularly affected since the start of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Tuesday 7th April 2020, Emmanuel Macron will travel to Seine-Saint-Denis to meet health and social support professionals, according to  Le Parisien .  The […]

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Storms and strong winds are expected Monday, October 14, 2019 in Paris and Île-de-France. The region and its departments are placed in orange alert by Meteo France.

Thunderstorms, Strong Winds: Paris and all the Ile-de-France Placed in Orange Alert

Monday 14th October 2019, Meteo France has placed the departments of Ile-de-France in orange alert. Strong winds and thunderstorms are reported in the area. The forecasts Meteo France has placed, Monday 14th October 2019, the Île-de-France on orange alert. The eight departments –  Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Yvelines, Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne and Val-d’Oise  – are concerned until Tuesday, October 15. Very active storm line and strong […]

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Nearly 200 people participated in the tribute to Caen (Calvados), Thursday, October 3, 2019, to Christine Renon, a school director from Seine-Saint-Denis who ended his life in September

Suicide of a School Director: “Anyone Can Crack”, the Homage of 200 People in Caen

Nearly 200 people participated in Caen (Calvados), Thursday 3rd October 2019, the tribute to Christine Renon, director of a school in Pantin that ended her life. As elsewhere in France, the funeral of Christine Renon, Thursday, October 3, 2019, had an echo in Caen (Calvados). Christine Renon, director of a kindergarten in Pantin in Seine-Saint-Denis, who killed herself in her school, […]

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