Seine-Saint-Denis: 17-Year-Old Boy on the Run for 4 Months Arrested by Municipal Police

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The 17-year-old was wanted since January, he was arrested by the municipal police of Coubron in Seine-Saint-Denis. (© Photo Le Républicain)

Tuesday 21st April 2020, during a check the municipal police of Coubron (Seine-Saint-Denis) arrested a young man of 17 years. He had been wanted for 4 months for several offences

A young man “very wanted” was arrested on Tuesday 21st April 2020, in Coubron, in Seine-Saint-DenisImplicated in more than twenty cases (burglaries, thefts, drug trafficking, rape, etc.), he had run away from the juvenile centre located in the Val d’Oise, since January, reveals Europe 1.

And it was indeed the municipal police of Coubron who arrested this 17-year-old adolescent. Tuesday, they carried out, as very regularly, a police check in order to fight against the urban rodeos in the commune following complaints of inhabitants, information confirmed by the town hall.

Without helmet, without a license and prohibited

The police were positioned near a petrol station where the drivers of motorcycles usually come to fill up. They quickly spotted a man without a helmet driving a scooter who turned around to flee into a street in a prohibited direction.

A few meters further, the police catch him and control him very calmly. The teenager himself explained that he was a minor and did not have a license. He was taken to the Livry-Gargan police station.

Registered in the wanted persons file

While searching for an identity, the police quickly understood that they were in front of a fugitive wanted for four months, they found his very busy criminal record. He was well entered in the wanted file , he was placed in police custody.

The mayor of Coubron, Ludovic Toro, congratulated the police in his commune. “Thank you to the Coubron municipal police officers for the arrest of this offender”.

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