Electric Car: Macron is Considering Leasing at a Maximum of 100 Euros per Month

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Macron proposes a schem to allow people to lease an electric car for 100 euros per month

MOBILITY: The scheme would come in addition to the conversion bonus and the ecological bonus enabling more people to have access to an electric car

During his first major campaign speech this Thursday in Seine-Saint-Denis, candidate Macron proposed the establishment of leasing aid for electric carsDetails of the measure were given over the weekend, reports BFMTV.

This system would complement the conversion bonus and the ecological bonus. It would result in the payment of part of the rent by the State so that the monthly bill does not exceed 100 euros. It will be up to the customer to choose their electric vehicle model at a dealership or through their bank.

50 million euros in the first year

Currently, leasing the most popular electric cars in France costs at least 150 euros per month, recalls BFMTV. Others are accessible at 90 euros per month with a first rent of more than 7,000 euros, fully financeable by bonuses and the conversion premium. This is the case with the new 100% electric Dacia Spring.

Emmanuel Macron plans to reserve the measure for young people, socio-medical professions and the general public subject to resource conditions. No age criteria have yet been defined by the outgoing president’s campaign team. No one knows which models will be affected or if an initial contribution will be necessary to claim on this scheme.

According to BFMTV, the candidate LREM intends to lease 100,000 vehicles each year for an estimated cost of 50 million euros the first year. In 2021, 162,000 100% electric vehicles were sold in France, i.e. 9.7% of new vehicle sales in France.

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