A protective mask thrown to the ground

Coronavirus: Masks and Gloves Found in Seven Major European Rivers

POLLUTION: Scientists say there is a cause for concern for the environment as many more masks and gloves are likely already at sea A lot of protective masks and gloves were found in seven major European rivers last month, said Sunday a spokesman of the Tara Foundation, warning about the danger of the pollution from microplastics linked to the […]

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A study says that the rivers in France are overflowing with pesticides

Our Rivers are Overflowing with Pesticides, Suspected of Being Endocrine Disruptors

According to an unpublished study, published by Générations future Tuesday 16th April, 2019, pesticides suspected of being endocrine disruptors are present in waterways. Tuesday, April 16, 2019, an unpublished study on the presence of pesticides , suspected of being endocrine disruptors , in French rivers, was published by the association Generations futures. This  new report  complements previous environmental association studies of the presence of […]

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Rivers in Normandy on Orange Alert

Floods in Normandy: The Rivers la Dives and Vie on Orange Alert

The rivers La Dives and La Vie in Normandy have been placed on orange alert for risk of floods. Tuesday 12th June, 2018, overflows have already been noted in the Pays d’Auge. Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the inhabitants of Vimoutiers (Orne) woke up with their feet in the water . Due to heavy rainfall , the La Vie River was in flood . A hundred inhabitants and a dozen […]

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