Meteo france has placed nine departments on Orange alert for Snow and Ice

Weather: Nine Departments of the South in Orange Alert for Snow and Ice

Meteo France has placed this Tuesday afternoon nine departments of the south of France in orange alert for snow and ice Three-quarters of the country are now under the Cold weather plan: authorities and associations are on alert in France this Tuesday 27th February, 2018, the day that promises to be the coldest of this winter, with a priority, […]

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Monday 19 February 2018, snowfall was already abundant on the station of Cauterets in the Pyrenees. And that will continue.

It Will Fall More than a Metre of Snow in the Pyrenees: Beware of Avalanches

From Monday 19th February to Wednesday 21st February, 2018, heavy snow is expected on the Pyrenees. The risk of avalanches will be strong In the Pyrenees , snow accumulations are already very important but from Monday, February 19 to Wednesday, February 21, 2018, “white gold” will fall even more on the chain. Locally, beyond 2000 meters of altitude, it […]

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18 departments have been placed on orange alert

Weather: 18 Departments on Orange Alert for Strong Winds, Floods or Snow-Ice

18 departments were placed this Saturday 20th January by Meteo France on orange alert for strong winds, floods or snow-ice. While today Saturday 20th January, 2018 looks pretty gloomy, with rain almost everywhere in France, Meteo France placed 18 departments on orange alert, either for strong winds, floods or snow-ice . #MétéoDuWE Temps maussade avec #nuages, #pluies, #vents parfois violents […]

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Meteo France has placed five departments on the south west France on Orange alert

Strong Winds: Five Departments in Southwest on Orange Alert, One Injured in Gironde

Meteo France placed this Wednesday, December 27th, five departments Southwest on orange alert for “strong winds” in the Landes, Pyrenees-Atlantiques and Hautes-Pyrenees, who were from Tuesday, but also the Haute-Garonne and the Ariege. It also blows in the West, where all departments are on yellow alert. Consequences of the weather: a wounded in New Aquitaine and power […]

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Five departments in the Southwest on Orange Alert

Thunderstorms: Five Departments in Southwest on Orange Alert

WEATHER: The Dordogne, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Pyrénées-Atlantiques are the departments on Thunderstorm orange alert … Five departments Southwest remained orange alert for thunderstorms late Tuesday afternoon, announced Meteo France which raised however in Normandy alert which concerned Eure and Seine-Maritime. ⚠️ 7 départements en #VigilanceOrange #Orages Restez informés ▶ & @VigiMeteoFrance — Météo-France (@meteofrance) July […]

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Meteo France of exterme weather front crossing Western France, placing it on Orange alert

Weather: Twenty-Two Departments of Western France on Orange Alert for Thunderstorms

WEATHER: The West of France will be crossed by violent storms and winds on Sunday afternoon, and placed on Orange Alert … Too bad, for a long weekend, the weather is not looking good. Anyway in 22 departments of the Southwest in Languedoc, which were placed in amber alert for severe storms, said Sunday Météo-France. Here […]

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Waves and Flooding: Seven Western Departments on Orange Alert 1

Waves and Flooding: Seven Western Departments on Orange Alert

Meteo France has maintained its orange alert for wave submersion for seven departments of the Atlantic coast. Brittany, the Vendée and Loire-Atlantique are concerned. Much of the country will be in the rain and wind this Tuesday while time will be milder in the Pyrenees and around the Gulf of Lion, according to Météo France. […]

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High Waves, Flooding Alert: 7 Departments placed on Orange Alert 2

High Waves, Flooding Alert: 7 Departments placed on Orange Alert

WEATHER WARNING: Meteo France have placed seven departments on Orange alert for high waves and flooding in Brittany, Loire Atlantique and Vendée. This Monday a new disturbance arrived in the night on the tip of Brittany which will cover the North and West, before turning to the South East by the end of the day, according to […]

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Strong winds of around 100 km/h have already been observed.

Winds: Eleven Departments Southwest on Orange Alert

WEATHER: Winds can reach 130 to 140 km/h on the Atlantic coast … Eleven departments of South West France this Sunday from 10am have been placed om orange alert for strong winds, said Meteo France . Relevant departments are Ariège, Aude, Charente-Maritime, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Hautes-Pyrenees and the Pyrenees -Orientales. The end of the […]

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11 departments in the Southwest France on orange Alert for Storm Marcel

Storm Marcel: 11 Departments in the Southwest on Orange Alert

The storms follow one another. After Storm Kurt and Storm Leiv, it is the turn of the Storm Marcel depression sweeping the southwest of France, this Sunday 5th February. Eleven departments and Andorra are placed from 10am on orange alert for strong winds. Meteo France placed this Sunday morning eleven departments orange alert “winds” from […]

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