Julian Assange sentanced to one year in Prison

Julian Assange Sentenced to One Year in Prison

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has been found guilty of violating the conditions of provisional release for taking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, was sentenced Wednesday 1st May, 2019 to 50 weeks in prison for violation of his conditions of provisional release by the London court Southwark. In 2012, the 47-year-old […]

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The gendarmes trapped and arrested a 57-year-old man who was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Toulouse: A Sexual Predator Tracking Down a Girl on the Internet Trapped by the Gendarmes

On Monday 25th March, 2019, a 57-year-old man was arrested by the gendarmes specialised in cybercrime. This sexual predator was sentenced Wednesday 27th March to 18 months in prison. A 57-year-old man was sentenced by the Toulouse Criminal Court on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, to 18 months in prison with a warrant of committal. According to La Dépêche du Midi , which reports […]

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The French prison population reached a new record in March.

Prison population: 69,430 prisoners in France, a New Record

Prisoners have never been so numerous in France, according to figures released Wednesday on the website of the Ministry of Justice. With 69,430 people incarcerated, the number of inmates in French prisons has reached to on March 1st, a new record. The previous record dated back to 1st July 2016 when 69,375 inmates were counted. […]

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At Rennes, a man without a driving licence tried to evade gendarmes

Rennes: No Driving License, He tries to lose Gendarmes Speeding at 200 km/h

ROAD SAFETY: The man ended up just outside Guichen … A 33 year old man was sentenced on Wednesday by the Criminal Court of Rennes and sentenced to six months in prison. He was accused of attempting to escape a customs control on the 21st January at the exit of Rennes Cocaine, heroin … The defendant, […]

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Banner opponents to prison in Saint-Bonnet-les-Oules in the Loire

Loire: Strong Opposition to the New Saint-Bonnet Jail

JUSTICE: Hundreds of protesters rallied in Saint-Bonnet-les-Oules in the Loire this Saturday against a proposed prison … Good news for some, unacceptable for others. The announcement by the State for the construction of a new prison near Saint-Etienne, Saint-Bonnet-les-Oules, mobilized many opponents this Saturday, November 12th. According to France 3, several hundred demonstrators gathered from 10am […]

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A motorist from the Mayenne, without a Licence and Insurance received 5 months in Prison

Mayenne: Five Months Prison for Driving Without a Licence

A motorist who refused to stop for the gendarmes.  Without a licence or insurance, on Wednesday he was given a sentence of five months in prison. A driver from the Mayenne, aged twenty years old, was sentenced on Wednesday by the Criminal Court of Laval to a sentence of five months in prison. He was arrested at […]

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The Minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas wants to build 16,000 more prison cells

Prison Overcrowding: Urvoas wants to build up to 16,000 new cells by 2025

PRISON: The Justice Minister was speaking at a press conference at the Fresnes prison center to report on solitary confinement … Jean-Jacques Urvoas, the Justice Minister, said on Tuesday it will build between 10,309 and 16,143 new cells by 1 January 2025 to allow the generalization of solitary confinement in prisons.   #prisons #RapportUrvoas “Il faut […]

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First two sentences following the violence between supporters that took place in Marseille on the sidelines of Euro 2016

Euro 2016: Prison for two British Supporters

Two British fans were sentenced to two and three months in prison following the violent incidents in Marseille. The first two British fans to appear for their involvement in violent incidents on the margins of England – Russia clashes in Marseille before and after their first Euro 2016 match were sentenced on Monday to two and three […]

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A new Prison hospital will open in the Gironde in the Summer

Gironde: The First Prison Hospital in the Region Opens this Summer in Cadillac

A unit specialized in the reception of inmates requiring psychiatric hospitalization will open its doors on the 18th July in Gironde … The first psychiatric unit that specializes in receiving prisoners in the region will open on the 18th July in Cadillac, a town located about thirty kilometres south-east of Bordeaux.  This will be the […]

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Justice was swift, with the courts in Nantes handing out four prison sentences on Friday

Protests in Nantes. After Violent Clashes, Justice hits Hard

Prison sentences with immediate imprisonment were handed down against four protesters after Thursday’s excesses during the event. Forty-one people arrested.  Twenty-six others in custody.  Among them, seven men, aged 18 to 45, were immediately tried at an emergency hearing convened late Friday afternoon.  The prosecutor of Nantes wanted to mark the occasion after the excesses […]

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