Toulouse: The Yellow Vest Spread the Police Faces on the Internet, Two Months Prison

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Yellow vests supporter from Toulouse got 2 months prison for publishing names and faces of police officers

Yellow vests at heart, a medical student was sentenced, in Toulouse, Wednesday 22nd May, 2019, for having posted on the web the name and face of police officers of the BAC.

She will remain in prison. Stamped “radical far-left activist,” at least identified as such by the police, a medical student from Toulouse, aged 21, is particularly active since the beginning of the movement of yellow vests.

In early April, she joined the Seysses prison (Haute-Garonne) , near Toulouse , to serve a sentence of seven months in prison following the violence perpetrated during a demonstration.

Administrator of an Internet forum

Wednesday, May 22, 2019, she was extracted from her cell to answer for another offence committed, this one, in mid – March. A crime of a particular kind.

Because the young woman is a director of a discussion forum. And she found nothing better than to post photos she herself had taken of police officers in the open. Like, “Here’s the enemy.”

The method challenges

As La Depeche reports , under his profile picture – three police officers in flames – a legend:

“I give in private message the names and addresses of several people of the BAC.”

Agitating this threat in such a passionate context could have been potentially explosive … Without going as far as the call to murder, in this case police BAC Nice dispatched to Toulouse in support, the method challenges.

The police officers of the BAC Toulouse had been reinforced by their colleagues in Nice, directly targeted by the activist.
The police officers of the BAC Toulouse had been reinforced by their colleagues in Nice, directly targeted by the activist. (© Illustration / Frédéric Schreiber / Toulouse News)

“Humanize the police …”

Especially since the listings , the sheets of mutations, the police addresses (!) Were found at his home during a search.

While in custody, the young woman had put forward fallacious arguments. She said she wanted to “humanize the police by showing them without a hood”.

Seven months in prison

At the helm, change of strategy: 

“I was not aware that it would provoke such a wave of hatred. I did anything, it was stupid. But I did not communicate this information to anyone.”

The prosecution denounces “calls to hatred”. The defence calls not to make the defendant “a scapegoat”.

The court has decided. For “complicity in contempt and the offence of disseminating images”, she was sentenced to seven months in prison, five of which were suspended, and a warrant of deposit to the key. She will have to pay € 3,400 to the Nice policemen.

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