A Biker Beaten for Disturbing a Barbecue near Le Havre

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A man was sentenced to nine months in prison with a warrant for beating a biker near Le Havre (Seine-Maritime).

A man was sentenced to nine months in prison in Le Havre. Arrested on May 14th, 2019, he had suddenly beaten a motorcycle rider who was practicing near him on a vacant lot.

A man was arrested on May 14th, 2019, suspected of having suddenly beaten a biker who was training on a wasteland of Hode , near Le Havre (Seine – Maritime). He was finally sentenced in immediate appearance to nine months in prison.

Six days of total incapacity for work

The victim is a 34 year old biker. According to him, he had travelled on this wasteland on a motorcycle to train. While driving, he threw earth at several individuals who were barbecuing. One of them, 33 years old and wearing an electronic bracelet, rushed in a car to pursue the bike.

He ended up catching them after several hundred meters. “He hit the motorbike to bring down the rider,” says a judicial source. Once the man was on the ground, he approached him and kicked and punched him. ”

The victim was prescribed six days of Total Temporary Disability (TTI). The unleashing stopped when people approached the scene to intervene. The suspect then left the scene by car.

The suspect denies the facts

Identified by the investigators of Le Havre, he was summoned to the police station. The latter denied the facts. The analysis of his telephone business proved that he was there at the time. Witnesses who saw the scene from a distance also corroborated the testimony of the victim.

Presented in immediate appearance after his prolonged detention, the man was sentenced to nine months in prison with a warrant of deposit.

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