Rennes: No Driving License, He tries to lose Gendarmes Speeding at 200 km/h

Local News
At Rennes, a man without a driving licence tried to evade gendarmes

ROAD SAFETY: The man ended up just outside Guichen …

A 33 year old man was sentenced on Wednesday by the Criminal Court of Rennes and sentenced to six months in prison. He was accused of attempting to escape a customs control on the 21st January at the exit of Rennes

Cocaine, heroin …

The defendant, who has never had a driving license, had probably got scared seeing the police. Avoiding traffic, he fled in the direction of Bruz to join the dual carriageway. It speeds at up to 130 km/h on the smaller departmental roads and 200 km/h on the dual carraigeway.

The chase will end in at Guichen. The Man was eventually tested positive for cocaine, heroin and cannabis. Already jailed for other crimes, he sees his tenure in prison continue

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