Saint-Nazaire: The Largest Ocean Liner in the World Returns this Sunday

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The Symphony of the Seas returns to Saint-Nazaire this Sunday

The largest ocean liner in the world, the Symphony of the Seas will point its bow off Saint-Nazaire early in the afternoon, Sunday, 18th February, for a manoeuvre around 4 pm.

The banks of the Loire will not be as sunny as Saturday 17th February, but it will be good enough, this Sunday 18th February, to go a few steps in Saint-Nazaire and open your eyes wide. The Symphony of the seas, 362 m – just enough to claim the honorary title of the world’s largest liner – returns in the form of arming STX shipyards after four days of sailing.

Deprived of a first series of tests because of bad weather, in January, the ship commissioned by the Royal Caribean shipowner chained a series of tests that must validate its approval. According to the website of the Grand Harbour, the ship is expected to dock at 16:15. We should therefore distinguish his bow shortly after 3 pm. To admire the giant, just place it on one of the views of the coast.

Final departure on March 24

On the side of the Courance and Fort Eve, near Saint-Marc-sur-Mer for those who want to avoid the city and see it graze the coast. Otherwise, there are the usual “spots”: the beach or the tip of Villès-Martin whose channel is very close, the south jetty, the Vieux-Môle and Base-vie to see him maneouver around 4 pm.

Party last night last Thursday, the Symphony of the seas will finally reveal its measurements: 362 m, 47 m wide, 228,081 GT (even the biggest before the Harmony of the seas delivered in 2016). On board, 5500 passengers (2775 cabins), 2200 crew members.

To be delivered on Friday 23rd March, the Symphony of the Seas should leave Saint-Nazaire the next day for Malaga. It will then join Barcelona, ​​port of departure for cruises this summer.

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