Loire-Atlantique: A Small Kangaroo Captured in Pornic

Local News
A kangaroo has been captured in Pornic, Loire-Atlantique

This is perhaps the same kangaroo that had been seen wandering in the area in recent days …

It’s been several days that a small kangaroo release was seen by residents in Retz , near the wildlife park Wild Planet, without ever being caught. And on Sunday, a wallaby, a related species of kangaroo but smaller, was again observed by local residents, in Pornic, near the ocean, reports Presse Ocean .

But this time the animal has been captured. Alerted, the police assisted by Wild Planet specialists managed to locate the marsupial then to immobilize it.

Where is he from?

He was released in good health, from the animal park. Was it the same animal that had strayed for one week  ? Probably. The Wild Planet teams conducting a census of their marsupials to determine if there is indeed one of them. They host a quarantine on their website.

In May, a wallaby was found dead along the Blue Route in Pornic. Wild Planet Park said at the time that they had lost no wallaby.

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