North Korea threatens the United States by unveiling giant missile

North Korea Threatens by Unveiling Giant New Missile

Pyongyang paraded on Saturday 10th October 2020 an intercontinental ballistic missile of unprecedented size. According to experts, this is a signal sent to the United States North Korea unveiled a giant new intercontinental ballistic missile on  Saturday 10th October 2020 in a military parade, an explicit threat to the US missile defence system but also an implicit challenge for the […]

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Bikers parade through the village of Saint Michel de la Roe, in the Mayenne

Video: Bikers Parade through the Village

The bikers reached our village just before lunch … The group of the ‘bikers with heart’, that left Laval earlier this morning, reached our village just before midday.  They took a short break for refreshments before continuing their journey around many other towns and villages before ending back in Laval late this afternoon. The ‘Bikers […]

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The Night Carnival of Nantes has been rescheduled for tonight the 23rd April from 8.45pm

Nantes: The Carnival Night, which had been Postponed, will be held this Saturday

Postponed because of incidents committed by rioters, the show is rescheduled on April 23 … It was postponed by the city of Nantes because of the violence that occurred on the sidelines of the demonstration against the labour law . Originally scheduled for April 9, the carnival night will finally take place this Saturday, 23rd […]

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