Nantes: The Carnival Night, which had been Postponed, will be held this Saturday

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The Night Carnival of Nantes has been rescheduled for tonight the 23rd April from 8.45pm

Postponed because of incidents committed by rioters, the show is rescheduled on April 23 …

It was postponed by the city of Nantes because of the violence that occurred on the sidelines of the demonstration against the labour law . Originally scheduled for April 9, the carnival night will finally take place this Saturday, 23rd April, at 8.45pm, announced the organizing committee of the Association Nemo and maskers.

The route remains unchanged, namely a departure from petite-Hollande then a loop in the city centre via the 50-Otages et la rue de Strasbourg.  Seventeen floats, large heads and dozens of musicians are expected.

Closing the 2016 edition

The night carnival is the third and last show of Nantes Carnival 2016. The day parade was held Sunday, 3rd April and the Children’s Carnival was held on Wednesday, 5th April.

“We hope that the public will come and enjoy the show tonight, tike the other parades we have done, after the disappoint of the previous night carnival being cancelled” said the organizers.

The conditions were “not met” April 9

On Saturday, 9th April, between 2,600 and 15,000 people had gathered at the ile de Nantes, at around 2pm, to demand the abandonment of El-Khomri reform.  Despite the risk of overflows, the unions had then decided to cross the Loire and march to the city centre.

The march then turned violent, with several clashes between police and the protestors, broken windows and street furniture.  Clashes with the security forces continued well into the afternoon.  The mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, announced at 6pm that “conditions are not met” for the night carnival can be held.

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