Le Mans: Old Cars and Motorbikes Parade Sunday

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At Le Mans on sunday, there will be a dispay and parade of old cars and motorbikes

Fifty motorcycles and fifty antique cars will roll through the streets of the city centre of Le Mans on Sunday.  The show is free!

The parade of the motorbikes and the cars will take place on Sunday afternoon at Le Mans, “is actually a festive event that is also competitive, according to Gilles clot, from the safety organization.  It is in the city, the speed is limited and vehicles over 30 years.  We must ensure that the public admires vehicles” . And drivers, who for the most part are in costume.  Traditionally worn by the Club of ancient Renault, this gathering of vehicles dating from 1930 to 1973 allows owners to calculate their fuel consumption over the 20 minutes course.  Those who consume the least are given the title distinguished.

Sunday: Starting from 11 am, the older vehicles will be visible on the docks. At 2.30pm the motorbikes will depart for the parade, at 3.30 pm the cars dated before 1945 will depart, and at 4.30pm the parade of vehicles from 1946 to 1973 will depart.  Entrance to the event is Free.


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