Fire of Notre-Dame great organ is saved

Fire of Notre-Dame: The Great Organ Saved, But in Danger, According to one of the Organists

For Philippe Lefèvre, one of the titular organists of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, the great organ was spared by the fire, but it remains under threat. Details. The great organ of Notre-Dame “was not burned” in the fire that ravaged the building , but its structure could suffer damage inflicted by the disaster , told AFP one of the three organists […]

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Firefighters in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 16, 2019.

Notre-Dame: “The Fire is Totally Extinguished”, Announce Firefighters

After 16 hours fighting against the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris, firefighters have managed to control it completely, they said Tuesday 16th April, 2019. The fire which declared Monday, April 15, 2019 at the end of the day and ravaged part of the Notre-Dame cathedral of Paris is totally “extinguished”, announced Tuesday shortly before 10am the spokesman for firefighters. “The whole […]

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A collection launched for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame

A Collection Launched for the Reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris

The Heritage Foundation has launched a national collection for the reconstruction of the Paris Cathedral. For Notre-Dame to rise from the ashes. Just hours after the beginning of the fire that ravaged the cathedral, the Heritage Foundation launched a national collection for the rebuilding of the religious building.  Pour que Notre-Dame puisse renaître de ses cendres nous lançons un appel international. […]

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The cathedral Notre-Dame on fire

The Fire of Notre-Dame Under Control, but Doubts about the Resistance of the Structure

This Tuesday 16th April, 2019, the Secretary of State for the Interior said that the danger of fire was removed, but wonders about the structure of the building The Secretary of State for the Interior said Tuesday 16th April, 2019 that the “danger of fire” was “spread” at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, a prey to a huge […]

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Photo of Notre-Dame de Paris, March 27, 2019.

Notre-Dame de Paris, The Masterpiece of Victor Hugo who Saved the Cathedral

The book published in 1831 by the famous writer, indignant at the deterioration of the cathedral, saved the building from ruin. The Parisian cathedral was struck on Monday 15th April, 2019 by a large fire , is also known throughout the world thanks to the masterpiece of Victor Hugo, “Notre-Dame de Paris”. This novel has been adapted many times to […]

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Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, disfigured by fire but still standing

Notre-Dame de Paris, Disfigured but Standing, will be Rebuilt

Monday 15th April, 2019, Notre-Dame Cathedral was ravaged by a fire, apparently accidental, but its structure was saved and the fire under control. Ravaged on Monday 15th April, 2019 by a fire , apparently accidental, Notre-Dame de Paris was disfigured. But it did not completely collapse thanks to the intervention of firefighters who managed to control the flames and save the structure […]

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The rebuilding of Notre-Dame could take decades

Fire of Notre-Dame de Paris. It will take “Decades” to be Rebuilt

The director of the Foundation of the Work of Our Lady, who for 800 years watches over the Cathedral of Strasbourg, explains that Notre-Dame de Paris can be rebuilt but it will take “decades, the damage will be considerable”. Eric Fischer, director of the Foundation of the Work of Notre-Dame, who for 800 years watches […]

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Notre-Dame de Paris on fire, April 15, 2019

The Terrifying Images of the Fire of Notre-Dame de Paris

This Monday 15th April, 2019, Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral was ravaged by a fire. Back in pictures. Pictures of desolation. This Monday, April 15, 2019, Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was ravaged by a fire . Declared around 6:50 pm, it quickly spread to the entire building until reaching the frame. The fire took in the eaves, said firefighters, and seems to have started on […]

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Emmanuel Macron visits Notre-Dame-de-Paris, engulfed in flames

Fire at Notre-Dame de Paris: Macron, on the Spot, Shares “The Emotion of a Whole Nation”

While a fire ravages Notre-Dame-de-Paris cathedral, Monday 15th April, 2019, the President of the Republic expressed his emotion. He has to go there. Emmanuel Macron shares the “emotion of a whole nation,” he said in response to the fire that devastates Notre-Dame-de Paris where he went Monday, April 15, 2019 alongside Edouard Philippe. Notre-Dame de Paris en proie […]

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Emmanuel Macron is in Saint-Brieuc this Wednesday, April 3, his second presidential visit in a few months.

Fire of Notre-Dame-de-Paris: Emmanuel Macron Goes on the Spot

This Monday 15th April, 2019, the President, Emmanuel Macron, decided to postpone his speech on television because of the fire ravaging Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. President Emmanuel Macron has decided to postpone his speech on television , scheduled for Monday, April 15, 2019, at 20h. Due to the fire ravaging Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral, he will discuss the announcements related to the great national debate at […]

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