The Fire of Notre-Dame Under Control, but Doubts about the Resistance of the Structure

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The cathedral Notre-Dame on fire

This Tuesday 16th April, 2019, the Secretary of State for the Interior said that the danger of fire was removed, but wonders about the structure of the building

The Secretary of State for the Interior said Tuesday 16th April, 2019 that the “danger of fire” was “spread” at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, a prey to a huge fire since Monday night. But the question now was “how the structure would resist”.

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“The danger of fire being removed, the subject is building: know how the structure will withstand the very serious fire of this night,” said Laurent Nuñez before the press shortly before 7am.

A hundred firefighters still on site

“So there will be at 8am a meeting with experts, architects of the building of France to try to determine if the structure is stable, and if the firefighters can engage inside to continue their mission”, has he added.

“The fire is not completely extinguished, there is a long cooling still in progress, with still some soft fireplaces,” said Laurent Nuñez.

“The subject of the night was to prevent the fire from going away,” said the secretary of state. There was “indeed new fire starts in the towers,” he added that a hundred firefighters were still deployed on the spot “and eight hoses still active.”


“A fire of this magnitude has an impact on the structures, we must be able to ensure that they are always stable, to allow our men, to be able to penetrate again inside. They did it that night, with a lot of courage, in the towers to be able to attack the disaster from the inside to prevent it from collapsing, “he explained.

“Without this action at the risk of their lives, no doubt it would have collapsed,” said Laurent Nuñez.

Some 400 firefighters fought a good part of the night against the flames, one of them was slightly injured.

Laurent Nuflez comments on the fire at Notre-Dame
Laurent Nuñez on March 27, 2019 at the exit of the Elysée. (© AFP / Archives / MARIN ludovic)aurent

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