Legislative 2017: The Full List of Candidates in Mayenne

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List of candidates for the legislative elections in Mayenne

The parliamentary candidates had to declare before 6pm on Friday. The list of candidates in the three districts of Mayenne for the Legislative elections is now known.

1st district

Philippe Habault, 58, unlabeled, surgeon, Deputy Mayor of Laval; Martine Amelin, 60, retired, (LO) Lutte ouvrière; Maël Rannou, 28, EELV – Europe Ecologie Les Verts, librarian Guillaume Garot, 51, PS – Socialist Party, MP; The Morinière Bruno, 53, FN – Front national, commercial, regional adviser; Béatrice Mottier, 48, LREM – La République En Marche, Deputy Mayor and county councilor; Nicolas Chomel, 57, FI – La France insoumise, territorial developer; Samia Soultani-Vigneron, 44, LR – Republicans, Vice President of the Regional Council of Pays de Loire, Deputy Mayor of Laval and Vice President of Laval-agglomeration, president of Republicans in Mayenne; Aurélien Guillot, 34, (PCF) French Communist Party, political standing, Councilor; Isabelle Mahé-Genero, 51, Debout la France (DLF).  Luccio Stiz, 38, UPR – Republican People’s Union, musician.

2nd district

Florian Derouet, 35, PCF – French Communist Party, educator; Sylviane Dégé, FN – Front National childminder; Maryse Lépron, (LO) Lutte ouvrière; Françoise Chivert, 71, Debout la France (DLF); Joseph Gaudin, 52, farmer and beekeeper, president of the Earth and Life Association of Anjou; Marie-Noëlle Tribondeau (PS) Socialist Party, 62, mayor of Bierne, vice president of the community of communes of the Country of Chateau-Gontier; Emeline Rio, 21, FI – La France insoumise; Géraldine Bannier (LREM) – La République En Marche, teacher, mayor of Courbeveille; Françoise Marchand, 66, EELV – Europe Ecologie Les Verts; Martin Bordeau, 32, UPR – Republican People’s Union, actuary; Guillaume Chevrollier, 43, LR – Republicans, director of real estate programs, MP; Mary Ponfilly, 77, sovereignty, identity and Freedoms (Siel).

3rd district

Grégory Heurtebize, 40, SE – Unlabeled, firefighter, mayor of La Bazoge-Montpinçon; Marie-Paule Lord, 70, (LO) Lutte ouvrière, retired; Yannick Favennec, 58, UDI – Union of Democrats and Independents, MP; Gauthier Dupont; Léa Raimbault, 31, FI – La France insoumise, farmer; Bernadette Bresard, 65 (AEI) Independent Ecological Alliance; Charlotte Le Corre, 31, UPR – Republican People’s Union, real estate consultant; Claudine Chartie, 57, Debout la France (DLF); Sylvi Delogé, 53, no label; Maud Jan-Brusson, 31, PCF – French Communist Party; Michel Neveu, 59, Radical Left Party; commercial agent, president of PRG in Mayenne; Chouzy Josselin, 39, (LREM) – La République En Marche, firefighter, deputy mayor of Belgeard;Monique Morand, 67, FN – Front National retired; Sophie Letterrier, 47, EELV – Europe Ecologie Les Verts, special education teacher.

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