Legislative Elections: Moving towards parity in the National Assembly?

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Are we heading towards parity in the National Assembly after Legislative Elections

EQUALITY: All obviously depends on the results of the second round …

So far, the National Assembly was far from a parity model. In 2012, the Palais Bourbon had only 27% of women elected … what was already a “record”. This proportion is expected to increase significantly after the second round of legislative elections scheduled for Sunday.

According to calculations of Lab , there will be at least 83 MPs elected to Parliament. Going a step further in the reflection, the site explains that if all the 245 candidates were elected led the way, “the Assembly [would] then composed of 42.5% women. “A percentage of something close to the” real “parity.

And the government then?

For the government of Edouard Philippe, there are eleven women ministers and eleven eleven men – for now, as several ministers and candidates could lose their job – even if the sovereign ministries remain male-dominated.

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