Legislative in Mayenne: Maryse Lépron, candidate of Lutte Ouvrière

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Maryse Lépron, candidate for Lutte ouvrière in Legislative elections

The librarian of the Maine-et-Loire is the candidate of Lutte Ouvrière, in the second district of Mayenne. Jean-Luc Placé is her deputy.

“There is nothing to expect from governments. Whether of the right, left or center. “Maryse Lépron, librarian of 59 years of Trélazé (Maine-et-Loire), is the candidate of Lutte Ouvrière (LO) in the second district of Mayenne.

“It’s workers to have confidence in them. To take power, “ continues Maryse Lépron.Capitalism ? “A dead end” . Emmanuel Macron?  ‘ is an enemy of the workers. “

Maryse Lépron has worked for LO for over 40 years. “As soon as I became interested in the world, I became interested in politics. “

Jean-Luc Placé, director of the Herberie theatre in Pouancé (Maine-et-Loire) is his deputy. “I campaigned to LO for over 30 years,” says the 68 year old. He had already been a candidate of Lutte Ouvrière for parliamentary elections in Loire-Atlantique and Maine-et-Loire (cantonal).

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