New day of Mobilization against the Reform of the Labour Code: The Disruption Expected

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New day of protest against the Labour Code

The CGT and Solidaires organized Thursday a third day against the ordinances in effect for almost a month, pending a possible broader action.

The Union Sud et Solidaire call for mobilization on Thursday 19th October to protest against the reform of the labour code.  In turn, the executive has already moved on: the second part of its social reforms, those of learning, vocational training and unemployment insurance.

After the Elysee Palace last week, Matignon has received since Tuesday labor organizations to discuss these reforms, which should lead to a bill in April, before the third phase, that of the pension reform.

No way to turn the page

But the CGT and Solidaires, no way to turn the page orders, synonyms of “social damage” according to them.

“The prospect of building a united mobilization which puts low these orders is always a priority,” said earlier in the week Eric Beynel, spokesman for United, after a meeting at Matignon on reforms to vocational training and unemployment insurance.

This non-union representative was not immediately associated with the call of the CGT. As with the two previous days, it was announced only on the 9th October, after a meeting between all the confederations, who failed to give a unitary action.

All have serious criticisms about the risks of certain measures for the employee, such as caps on industrial tribunal compensation or merging the representative bodies, including the implementing decree has not been published.


However, they are very divided on modes of action and already seem to some, facing the next phase of social reforms.

A new protest, scheduled for the 24th October could lead to a more unified call, possibly with FO and CFE-CGC, CGT and Solidaires hope for.

Paradoxically, this meeting is planned in the premises of the CFDT, whose secretary general, Laurent Berger, has repeatedly said he refused to “demonstration of weakness” pounding the pavement against the orders, despite insistent requests some of its members.

“Maintaining the dispute”

The announcement on the evening of the protest on the 9th October a new mobilization, ten days later, was taken aback as United, that CGT activists, who would have preferred that the confederation gives a few extra days of reflection on FSU, FO and CFE-CGC so they associate it.

“It’s hard to understand the appeal,” says a CGT framework, fearing that the day “is a failure,” a week of mobilization “subdued” to support officials.

Calling Thursday “helps maintain the protest. We could not wait on October 24th, “said his side Fabrice Angéi, member of the leadership of the CGT. He hoped that the meeting next Tuesday will help to “set a date for mid-November.”

Little disruption to the SNCF

By then, militants of the CFDT and the CFTC, whose centre has not called for demonstrations, will swell the troops, like the 12th and 21st September, which gathered 223,000 and 132,000 people in throughout France, according to police.

Thirteen federations of the CFE-CGC will participate in demonstrations in Paris and the regions to denounce a labour code reform, including measures “do not create jobs” or “not build confidence and social dialogue in the company.”

Conveying Side, SNCF expects little impact, almost all trains to roll and Intercity lines, the forecast is 80%. In most regions, no disturbance is feared by lunéa against the Paris-Toulouse and Paris-Nice will not run Thursday night.

Philippe Martinez will scroll in Marseille, near Paris where the event will shake at 1400 Montparnasse, Denfert-Rochereau.

On Tuesday, after meeting at Matignon, the secretary general of the CGT had shown reassured about the different methods proposed by the executive to address future reforms of learning, vocational training and unemployment insurance. He criticized the bilateral meetings used for prescriptions.

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