The weather in Charente today, promises plenty of sunshine

Weather in Charente: Beautiful Autumn day, Full of Sunshine

The weather in Charente should be full of sunshine this Saturday … The forecast for the weather in Charente from Meteo France promises a beautiful day full of sunshine. Although, first thing in the morning, it will be a bit misty, they will quickly give way to bright sunshine. Even a few streaks of clouds […]

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The forecast for the Charente weather is for a mild day with sunshine in the afternoon

Charente Weather: Small Breakthrough of the Sun on Tuesday

The forecast for the Charente weather is for the Sun to breakthrough in the afternoon … The weather forecast today from Meteo France for the Charente region is that sky be cloudy on Tuesday but the sun will manage to appear in the afternoon. Temperatures will remain mild with 7 degrees in the morning and […]

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An earthquake of magnitude 5 shook the West, from La Rochelle to Nantes

An Earthquake of Magnitude 5 Shook the West, from La Rochelle to Nantes

EARTHQUAKE: Some residents were awakened by the tremors that occurred around 8:45 Thursday morning.The epicenter is located between La Rochelle and Rochefort …. An earthquake shook western France on Thursday morning. 8 to 45 pm, tremors were felt in Charente-Maritime, between La Rochelle and Rochefort, and even until Vendée further north. The land would also have […]

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Thief returns car with apology

La Rochelle: The Thief Returns the Car with an Apology and 20 euros

The thief even left a voice message on the answering machine of the vehicle owner … A baker from La Rochelle was astonished  with a truly remarkable sight last weekend, reports South West.  He had got his truck stolen on Saturday while he was in full delivery.  He filed a complaint but the next day his truck was […]

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