Fuel: At Total, Gradual Return to Normal

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The Total group announced on Friday that 60 petrol stations out on 340 of its Paris Region network suffered fuel shortage

The Total group announced on Friday that just 60 petrol stations were experiencing fuel problems out of 340 of its Paris Region network, following supply problems related to the strike of truck drivers of hazardous materials, which ended Thursday.

In comparison, 82 stations of the group in Ile-de-France were still experiencing fuel shortages late Thursday afternoon, said a statement from the oil giant, which provides for a return to normal “within days” .

Outside the region, 16 total stations were still struggling. Approaching the weekend, the brand recommends customers “not to develop preventive overconsumption” and refuel “normally on the roads, once outside the Ile-de-France” .

The French Union of Petroleum Industry (UFIP), whose members represent 550 stations just by Ile-de-France, will give an update of the situation in the late afternoon. Thursday evening, there were 217 stations in its network in complete out of fuel, against 275 a day earlier.


The French network has a total of 11 000 service stations, of which 2,200 operated by Total. To facilitate the resupply of service stations, the Prefecture of Police has issued an order to ease the movement of trucks transporting petroleum products whose weight exceeds 7.5 tonnes between this Friday and next Tuesday.

The Department of Ecological Transition also released on Friday a decree in the Official Journal of intensifying the work rate of fuel carriers until the publication of a new order.

The strike to demand recognition of the “specificity” of the transport of hazardous materials (fuels, gas, chemicals …) in the collective agreement for road transport began last Friday called by the CGT union.

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