A gendarme died from the Coronavirus Covid-19 in France.

Coronavirus: Dead Gendarme from Covid-19

The national gendarmerie announces the death of a non-commissioned officer, the consequences of the coronavirus. The soldier was 51 years old and was originally from Val-de-Marne. Thursday 26th March 2020, the general direction of the national gendarmerie announces the death of a soldier, installed in Maisons-Alfort, in the Val-de-Marne. He is the first constable to succumb to the […]

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Before arriving on the beach, this motorist who was carrying a giant unicorn inflatable was stopped by gendarmes, Friday, July 5, 2019.

He Carries his Unicorn Inflatable on the Roof of his Car, a Verbalised Motorist

He was going to make himself incognito with his inflatable on a Var beach Friday, 5th July 2019, but he was intercepted before throwing himself into the water. You have been warned! Not everything is allowed on the roof of your vehicle. Some motorists still think that are still free from the regulations … Read also: Road safety: drones […]

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A 9 year old child in the Gard, missing has been found dead

Gard: A 9 Year Old Boy who Disappeared on Sunday, Found Dead

Aymery’s body, a 9 year old child was found in a water hole, police say Aymery, a 9 year old child, disappeared Sunday in the Gard (Languedoc-Roussillon), was found dead this Tuesday morning, indicate the gendarmes.  His body was found in a water hole, near the house where he had disappeared. The boy, who suffered from autism and did […]

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controversy after a video shot at the HQ of the police, in Toulouse

“It is Necessary to Align two-three Bastos”: Controversy after a Video Shot at the HQ of the Police, in Toulouse

An administrative investigation was opened Friday 1st February, 2019 after the broadcast of a controversial video, where police commented on clashes with yellow vests. The controversy swells, after the broadcast of a video on twitter, where we hear police commenting images of CCTV cameras, during clashes between yellow vests and police on a demonstration in Toulouse . The “spontaneous comments,” according to the Departmental Directorate of […]

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Gendarmerie checks will take place on the roads of Meurthe-et-Moselle on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 January 2019.

Road Safety: Gendarmerie Checks in Meurthe-et-Moselle this Weekend

The gendarmes have published the list of road checks they intended to perform in Meurthe-et-Moselle for the weekend of Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2019. If you take the road this weekend in Meurthe-et-Moselle , regulate your speed! Of police checks will take place on the roads of the department on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2019. Motorists […]

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The gendarmerie invites bikers for a day around road safety, in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), Saturday, May 26, 2018.

Road safety: The Gendarmerie Invites Bikers for a Day of Prevention, in Le Havre

Code, workshops, piloting: the Gendarmerie of the Seine-Maritime organizes a day of prevention for motorcyclists, in Le Havre, Saturday 26th May, 2018. Registrations are open. You drive a motorcycle + 125cc? That’s good, the Gendarmerie of Seine-Maritime invites motorcyclists to an educational day around road safety , in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) , Saturday 26th May, 2018. Theoretical and practical workshops “Driving a motorcycle safely” […]

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A false email from CPAM is being circulated trying to obtain your bank details

CPAM: Fake Mails Circulate to Get your Bank Details

PHISHING: Hackers send e-mails similar to those of CPAM Health Insurance to retrieve banking information … The gendarmerie has launched a call for vigilance on Twitter , in connection with an extensive campaign of phishing on the Internet. Hackers pose as CPAM, who deal with health insurance in order to hand over bank details via email, reports LCI . In the message […]

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The budget of the Gendarmerie is to increase by 1 percent in 2018

The Budget of the Gendarmerie up 1% in 2018

The budget of the national gendarmerie in 2018 will increase by 1%, excluding staff costs did was learned from the entourage of the Minister of Interior, Gérard Collomb, speaking Wednesday before the function board military gendarmerie (MGR). The increase will bring the budget for internal security, including police and gendarmerie, to 2.9 billion euros, an […]

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Gendarmes and the PAF of Rennes have uncovered a prostitution ring active in three departments.

Mayenne, Sarthe, Ille-et-Vilaine: A Prostitution Ring Dismantled

After an investigation lasting several months, an active prostitution ring in Mayenne, Sarthe and Ille-et-Vilaine was unearthed. A dozen people were arrested in late November. € 18,000 were also seized. The beginning of the case dates back to 2015. During an inspection, gendarmes of the Mayenne find an offense related to a valid default title […]

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Ten people were arrested, and more than 200,000 euros were seized in Hérault

Hérault: A small Supermarket of Counterfeits Discovered in a Garage

Ten people were arrested, and more than 200,000 euros were seized at the counterfeit supermarket in Hérault … Bags, shoes or clothes … Several tons of luxury goods were seized this week by the police in Pézenas ( Hérault ) and in the surrounding villages. The counterfeited products which were manufactured from Asia and France, […]

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